Premium drying mops and cloths

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  • 1inch drying mop [SW31215]

    1″ drying mop [SW31215]

    Made from super absorbent reinforced, proprietary material. Die cut 1″ wide strips. Designed to quickly remove water from decks, fiberglass and painted finishes leaving them dry and streak-free. 67% more absorbent than felt or latex coated mops. Absorbs over 5 times its weight in liquids.  Material is not affected by mold, mildew, soaps or chemicals and is more durable than PVA. Protective end cap prevents damage to decks, paint and fiberglass. Stores in a reusable pouch so your mop is ready to use when you need it. Aquazorber Mops are recommended for drying, not cleaning or scrubbing.

  • Aqua Dry Towel SW38865XL

    Aqua dry towel [SW38865XL]

    PVA Drying towel with reinforced mesh for strength and extended life span. Towel measures 3.66 sq. ft. 31 in. x 17 in. (78.8 cm x 43.2 cm). PVA absorbs 5 x its weight in water and is not affected by mold or mildew. Perfect to use in conjunction with the Quik Dry Water Blade to reduce drying time. Safe to use on paint, fiberglass, windows and enclosures.
    Towel works best while damp. After use, rinse in clean water, wring out and then store in the reusable tube. If the towel becomes dry, simply re-wet with clean water.

  • SW31315

    Aquazorber™ Drying Mop 2” (5 cm) wide strips [SW31315DG]

    Auazorber Drying Mop is our top of the line drying mop. Made from Dragon Glide™ material featuring 2” (5 cm) wide strips for maximum absorbency. Aquazorber mops are designed for drying decks, painted and fiberglass surfaces quickly and easily. Aquazorber mops are recommended for drying, not cleaning or scrubbing especially on non-skid surfaces. Material is not affected by mold or mildew. Store the Aquazorber mop in its own reusable pouch so that your mop is ready to dry surfaces when you need it. Rinse and wring out before storage. If the mop dries out, rinse in clear water before use for best results.

  • Spin lace mop SW31115

    Cleaning Mop [SW31115]