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  • SW66640

    180 degree adjustable adapter [SW66640]

    Attach your favorite Swobbit cleaning tool to one end, snap it onto the Perfect Pole Telescoping Handle and let the cleaning begin. Makes cleaning areas normally inaccessible with conventional tools and adapters easy to reach. Adjustable to 180 degrees.Eliminates unsafe and awkward positions. Reduces overextending and user fatigue when cleaning.

  • Swobbit SW66650

    Boat hook [SW66650]

    Universal Boat Hook is a multi-purpose tool for boaters, aiding in dock line retrieval, recovering overoard items and as a push pole for safer docking. Made of strong UV resistant polycarbonate. Uni-Snap quick release adapter snaps onto the Perfect Pole telescoping handle.

  • Hand tool adapter [SW66630]

    Hand tool adapter [SW66630]

    Put boat cleaning tools in the palm of your hand. Adapter handle transforms any Swobbit® Uni-Snap™ product into a hand tool for close-in work: Around the helm, engine room, tight spaces, etc. With a secure foam handle grip, the Swobbit® Hand Tool Adapter can be quickly attached to Swobbit® brushes, mops, scrub pads, washing tools and quick-drying water blades (equipped with a Uni-Snap™ Adapter). Appoximately 6.5″ long.

  • SW66680

    Pear shape landing net [SW66680]

    Perfect for retrieving overboard items or landing your fish. Large 17″ x 27″ x 30″ Net. Light to Medium weight, not intended for landing heavy fish or objects. Uni-Snap adapter attaches to Perfect Pole telescoping handle.

  • Stainless Steel Gaff Hook [SW66670]

    Stainless Steel Gaff Hook [SW66670]

    Machined Stainless Steel Base and gaff hook provide the strength you need for your light duty fishing. Swobbit’s Stainless Steel Gaff hooks are designed for light duty use. Uni-Snap quick release adapter is designed to work with the Perfect Pole.

  • SW46700-SW46710-SW66620

    Star Brite to Uni Adapter [SW66620]

  • Threaded uni snap adapter [SW66610]

    Threaded uni snap adapter [SW66610]

    Allows you to use the Perfect Pole with a standard ACME threaded product. Uni-Snap adapter snaps into the Perfect Pole converting it into a threaded end product. Made of drawn, heat treated anodized aluminum with a glass filled nylon tip.

  • Wipeout Eraser

    Wipeout Twin Pack Refills [WORP2]

  • Wipeout Eraser

    Wipeout Twin Pack with Handle [WOHP2]